MBSC 2022 Player Registration

Thank you for registering to play with MBSC for the 2022 season! 

Please read the following CAREFULLY before beginning:

  • This online system accepts secure CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS only. Have your card ready for payment for the end of the form.
  • There is no "SAVE and RETURN" function, so the form and payment MUST BE completed in one sitting.
    • Other registration and payment options:
      ‚Äč1. If online registration cannot be completed for any reason, please contact club Secretary Matt Carson via email at mooroolbarkknights@gmail.com
  • Registrations are not considered complete until full membership payment is made. 
  • Fees are calculated on player age, competition and/or combined family junior memberships. An email will be sent on completion of the registration with payment details. Multiple junior registrations in one family will include a family discount to total fees owed. 
  • A separate Victorian Churches Football Association (VCFA) online registration must be completed by every player participating in 2022 competitions (Goalkick players are the only exception. If you are registering a player for Goalkick you do NOT need to complete the VCFA online registration). This form must be completed before a player can play in a VCFA match. Unfortunately this form has not been released by the VCFA to date. It is expected to be released mid-February and an email will be sent to you with this link. So please keep an eye on your emails!